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Posted by on September 27, 2017

Take care when choosing plants for your garden. Consider colour throughout the year, water requirements etc.

Who wants to spend the summer nursing delicate plants with massive libations of water? I’ll bet you’re saying: ‘Not me!’ Thank goodness there are lots of indigenous plants and a few clever gardening tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your plants make it through the summer in style. In the coming weeks we will be looking at some of these tips.
Choose your planting season wisely

Unless you’re planting extremely drought tolerant plants like spekboom, you’re going to need moist soil during the first few weeks to months after planting. When you buy a plant, it’s in a pot or bag and that means you’re looking at a limited root ball.

Even sensitive indigenous plants like Ericas and Buchus can become much more drought tolerant once

the roots have grown into the natural soil. The perfect time to plant is at the onset of the rainy season, that way you’ll be able to limit the extra watering that plants usually need in order to settle in.

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