9 Ways to a more drought resistant garden

Posted by on January 2, 2017

9 Ways to a more drought resistant garden

Choose plants that don’t need a lot of water.
LIFESTYLE NEWS – There are many things you can do to make your garden more water friendly.
Here are a few ideas.
Choose plants that don’t need a lot of water
There are many beautiful indigenous plants that are naturally drought resistant and require little watering once established in your garden.
Succulents with their fleshy leaves and stems that store water are examples.

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Group plants together according to their watering needs 
Not all plants need the same amounts of water. Grouping plants with similar needs together avoids wasting water on plants that need less.
Think about your lawn 
Do you really need a lawn? Can you do with less of it? Lawns use a lot of water. Consider planting indigenous grass that does not need a lot of watering.

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Plant more perennials

Consider planting fewer seasonal plants (annuals) and more plants that have a longer lifespan (perennials).
Remove plants that need too much water
You can save water by making sure that your garden is weed free. Weeds take water and nutrients away from other plants. Remove plants that you don’t really want and that need a lot of water.
Improve the quality of your soil
Compost or manure improves the quality of your soil. It will encourage earthworm activity which aerates the soil and helps water to get into the soil.
Mulching your garden saves water 
Cover the soil with a layer of mulching to help cool the soil, reduce water evaporation and restrict weed growth. Organic mulches include macadamia shells, rooibos mulch, wood chips, pine needles, hardwood and softwood bark, cocoa hulls, leaves, compost mixes, and a variety of other products usually derived from plants.
Watering correctly
In times of drought, follow the prescribed water restriction rules. In summer it is advisable to water plants in the early morning and early evening to avoid water evaporation.
Plant pots
Pot plants can be watered by hand and are ideal for drought conditions. Especially pots with succulents.


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