April Meeting – meeting Gwen, the creator of a lovely garden in the Industrial Area.

Posted by on March 18, 2018

Gwen le Laike our speaker in April, is an extraordinary gardener. “Why?” you say. Well, Gwen doesn’t just do little pretty plantings. She tackles big projects, projects which would daunt any normal gardener.

And so, when Gwen’s partner, Brian Bruce, started bringing his collection of outstanding classic cars to start his museum in Knysna’s industrial area, Gwen decided that these beautiful cars needed beautiful surroundings. Undaunted, she tackled a yard which has previously belonged to a brewery and, if you attend the next garden club meeting, you will sit under an old coral tree, listening to the sound of falling water. You will be astounded at what she and Innocent, her Malawian gardener have achieved.

When Gwen’s talk is over, stroll across to the many roomed museum and here, you will be blown away by Brian’s exquisite cars, each one a sculpture in itself. Go down memory lane as you revisit those beautiful machines previously owned by your fathers, uncles and grandfathers.

Whilst on the subject of sculptures, look out for the delightful couple relaxing on a bench.

Be sure to meet Nikki, a petite young lady who is Brian’s highly skilled mechanic and admire the two enormous cycads which Gwen and Innocent brought down from their burnt property in Knysna Heights and have placed in the most enormous pots.

Above all, enjoy your visit to a different garden which shows what one determined person can achieve.



Dear Friends,

At last we have had some rain and the weather is beginning to get a little cooler.  Autumn is on its way, yippy!

The next meeting of Gardening at Leisure will be held on:

Date: Friday 6 April 2018

Time: 10.00am

Venue: Frost Brothers – Vintage Car Storage Home – Uil Street, Industrial area, Knysna.

 Directions: Turn into Vigilance Drive, take the first turning to the left keep going this becomes Uil Street, Frost Brothers is on the right, turn into circle, plenty of parking in their warehouse grounds.

Topic: The Gift of Possibility

Gwen Created a garden out of nothing in the Industrial Area of Knysna. This unlike venue is an inspiration to all.  We will also have a conducted tour of the Old Car Museum – which isn’t open to the public. Bring your husbands along, they will enjoy the morning.

Visitors are most welcome –R20 which includes talk and refreshments

Remember to bring:

  • A chair
  • Mug for your tea/coffee
  • Subs if you haven’t yet paid – R120 for the year
  • Money for the raffle

Tea Hostesses for this meeting are: Margi Fleet, Kathy Stevens, Barbara Martin, Nicky Rutherford, Gwen Lilleike & Sheila de Jongh – 1 plate each please ladies

All the tea things will be there all you have to do is set them up and put water in the urn and turn it on. People will help themselves after the talk and the tour around the car museum

Birthdays in April: Ally Clough, Gudrun Cox, Hillary Haarhoff, Helen Jakoby, Louise Lok, Angela Mackey, Pat Mainwairing, Dee Reddan, Val Williamson

Don’t forget to look at our website for very interesting things www.gardeningatleisure.co.za

Hope to see you all on Friday 6 April.

Happy gardening.

Lots of love,

Denise Voysey

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