Beginners luck

Posted by on December 8, 2015

Spring has sprung after a very cold and wet winter and summer is truly here.  Last year, I decided to plant a rose garden where a big tree had been dug out, revealing a perfect sunny spot for roses.  I have always been fascinated by David Austin roses and so they were first on my shopping list together with others grown locally.  Now, just over a year later, I have had their first real season, and what a delight they have been.  Below are a few photos of my “babies”.


Graham Thomas

Quoting David Austin’s catalogue: “This rose was voted The World’s Favourite Rose by 41 National Rose Societies.  The cup-shaped flowers are of medium size and their colour is an unusually rich, pure yellow.  A fresh Tea Rose fragrance”.


Benjamin Britten

Deeply cupped flowers starting as a very deep, almost salmon pink that changes to an intense pink-red.


The Dark Lady

A dark crimson rose which reminds me of the flowers of tree peonies, as depicted on fabrics and wallpapers.  A very special rose!


Garden Queen

This is a winner at all the shows.  She is huge with a wonderful perfume and certainly makes a statement in any vase.


Blossom Magic

This is an easily grown creeper and a prolific flowerer.  It makes a wonderful show of bright pink in many gardens on the Island.


French Panarosa

Quoting Ludwig’s description of this stunning rose: “200 varieties created in France circa 1850 – 1920 were named after persons/places.  These romantic/nostalgic roses are still grown.  Powerful fragrance and large deep cup shaped blooms, it flowers freely and blooms continuously.”IMG_1083

Red and Fragrant

Stunning rose with a simple name – it is so perfect with the most amazing perfume, a treat to have in any room!

IMG_2006I had another surprise when my new neighbours uprooted all the trees on our border leaving me with another sunny new garden.  I decided to buy a gazebo to use as a sweet pea support.  I also planted delphiniums for the first time and what a delight both have been.  The sweetpeas grew so high I needed a ladder to pick the blooms and the delphiniums are still giving me great pleasure.  So majestic with their spikes of flowers in beautiful shades of blue.

hoyaThen finally, to my delight, my Hoya creeper is showing it won’t be outdone by the roses and sweetpeas and it has produces over 30 flowers after no flowers for three years!  The Hoya is called the Hindu rope plant or wax plant.  It produces a waxen ball of five-pointed double stars which are geometrically perfect.  The petals look as if they are made of velvet and are quite a sight to see. It has a lovely soft gardenia fragrance at night.

I feel as if I have already had my Christmas with all these beautiful presents that my garden has presented me with.

As the Festive Season approaches, may it be a happy and peaceful Christmas with a New year filled with good health and happiness for us all.

Joan Spencer

Photos: Joan


Joan with her sweet peas at a recent flower club tea… obviously a windy day – eisch that hair!

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