Creativity with succulents.

Lets have some fun. Now that the seasons are changing we need to be creative in the garden. Succulents are great to have in the garden. The nice thing about succulents are that you get a variety of textures, colours, shapes and sizes.

Succulents are water wise and very rewarding. One can create such interesting features, for instance if you have a tree you have cut down in the garden and the old truck can’t be removed you can turn it into a feature with succulents. Next time you take a walk along the beach and there is a piece of drift wood not too big of course, put that in your garden in amongst the succulents. Stones, pebbles and rocks can also be used.  Retaining walls are also sometimes a ugly feature that can be jazzed up with some succulents.

Now onto the important part, the plants themselves.

Portulacaria has a variety of colour and size there is P. afra, P. afra prostrate; P. afra variegated; P. afra tricolor and P. afra aurea.

Crassula’s:  C. multicava Red adds a two toned effect in the garden. Another interesting C. muscosa var. rastafari, bright and textured.

Cotyledon: C. orbiculata Big leaf, here you have colour variety, size and flowers.

Senecio: S. rawleyans commonly known as string of pearls can be grown in hanging baskets or a rockery to give a cascading effect and S. ficoides for that grey tinge.

If you are looking to give a bit of height in your succulent garden the Crassula ovata Pink Joy is perfect.

Have a creative week!
Kind regards,
The New Plant Team