Diarise now: Our Miniature Gardens Expo

You can still garden despite the crippling drought by creating a miniature garden for our Exhibition, 2nd week of October.  Give an outlet to your creativity and squash the frustration of seeing your real garden withering away.  Our new venue is Metelerkamps courtyard.  This rustic venue lends itself beautifully for the display of these little container gardens. You can also shop until you drop  at Metelerkamps gorgeous shop, and there is a delightful bistro to quench the thirst and feed the tummy!

As in the past, you have carte blance, whatever theme you choose is fine, just remember the containers must not be too big. For more info contact Esther 072 4661781, Kathy 0833208302, Denise 082 5746922.

Found this website which may be of interest to you: 

The Huge World of Miniature Gardens

What gardening trend is hotter than vertical gardens, succulents, and edible landscapes? Miniature gardens!

The great thing about miniature gardening is ultimately the combination of crafting and gardening, to create your very own fantasy landscape. Perhaps a little English cottage in a meadow, or a shady bench on the bank of a stream, or even a fairy treehouse? But we can’t all afford to spend weeks or months (let alone your pension fund) to create it on in full scale, so why not allow your inspiration to be satisfied by creating the exact landscape in miniature? You could even make a few for variety.

The magic of miniatures plays an incredible trick on the brain. By keeping everything in your garden to a proportionate scale (especially recognisable features such as furniture, structures or paving), you begin to disregard the miniature elements and instead see the scene as a whole. Suddenly, you can imagine yourself right there…

Whether you want to build a miniature empire in your garden bed or design a private garden with a pebble patio for an indoor centrepiece, miniature gardening allows you to create your own tiny, living world.

Is it a miniature garden or is that a very VERY large bowl

Janit Calvo’s book, Gardening in Miniature  is a complete guide to creating lush, living, small-scale gardens. It has everything you need to pick up this new hobby, including scaled down garden designs, techniques for creating tiny hardscapes, miniature garden care and maintenance, tips on choosing containers, how to buy the right plants, and where to find life-like accessories. Inspiring step-by-step projects feature basic skills that can be recreated in any number of designs, like a tiny patio, a trellis, a pond, and a secret garden.

Is it a miniature garden or is that a very VERY large bowl

Is it a miniature garden or is that a very VERY large bowl?

You don’t need to use expensive tools or products either, everything you’ll need is cheap, or recycled and easy to find at the craft store. Journey into the huge world of growing small with this step-by-step online tutorial on how to build this cute Miniature Hobbit House by Pir Tucker.

According to Garden Therapy, any well-done, realistic miniature of any-kind, compels us to look closer, and quickly enchants and delights because what is supposed to be full-size, is suddenly very small – and very real. It’s this “Hey, how can that be?!” moment that creates the surprise and generates the fun. Otherwise known as the squealies in the world of miniature gardening. (http://gardentherapy.ca/miniature-patio-garden/)

Slow-growing plants work best, while dwarf species and small plants with fine foliage and tiny flowers keep your proportion believable. You can also incorporate symbols, figures or icons that hold special meaning for you. We all need a gentle reminder to take a moment out of our busy day to take a deep breath and reflect on life’s little wonders.

Check out some more beautiful examples of creative inspiration on our Cape Contours Pinterest board.

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