National Arbor Week campaign encourages the planting of indigenous trees.

Some recommended indigenous trees and dune plant species effective for post-fire rehabilitation.

GARDEN ROUTE NEWS – The National Arbor Week campaign (01- 07 September 2017) encourages the planting of indigenous trees.

Some recommended trees and dune plant species for post-fire rehabilitation were provided by SANParks scientist, Johan Baard.

Planting indigenous is important for the ecosystem as trees provide food and shelter to animals and are important to biodiversity (encouraging diversity species of animal and plant life).

SANParks also has 2 nurseries with indigenous trees (Diepwalle, Knysna forest) and also in Wilderness.

Most nurseries in the Garden Route sell indigenous trees and plants.

  • Podocarpus falcatus
  • Ekebergia capensis (essenhout)
  • Virgilia divaricata (Keurboom) – nitrogen fixing
  • Buddleia saligna
  • Buddleia salviifolia
  • Burchellia bubalina (wild pomegranate)
  • Celtis africana (white stinkwood)
  • Diospyros dichrophylla (monkey plum) dune
  • Halleria lucida (white olive)
  • Kiggelaria africana (wild peach)
  • Nuxia floribunda (forest elder) – bees
  • Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus (candlewood) dune
  • Rapanea melanophloeos – Boekenhout
  • Tarchonanthus littoralis – camphor
  • Psoralea pinnata
  • Erica discolor subsp speciosa dune
  • Salvia africana-lutea dune
  • Leucadendron salignum dune
  • Leucospermum glabrum dune
  • Rhus chirindensis (Rhus is a synonym of Searsia) dune
  • Rhus lucida dune
  • Rhus crenata (dune-crow- berry) dune

Dune specific

  • Asparagus rubicundus and other Asparagus species
  • Zygophyllum morgsana (and other species( (Zygophyllum is a synonym of Roepera)
  • Carissa bispinosa
  • Colpoon compressum
  • Maytenus procumbens
  • Ehrharta ramosa (grass)
  • Carpobrotus edulis (yellow flower) or C. deliciosus (pink flower)

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