What’s Looking good

Euryops chrysanthemoides ‘Sunshine Classic’: Sunny bright yellow daisy flowers on vigorous, medium height plants can be used in so many ways ; low hedges, borders or in groups for solid colour.
Euryops chrysanthemoides 'Sunshine Classic'

Stachys aethiopica *Light Pink: A fast growing pot plant or ground cover with heart shaped leaves and pretty light pink flowers almost year round. Good in sandy soils on South facing slopes, but also does well in sun if it gets sufficient water. For best results trim and feed regularly.

Stachys aethiopica *Light Pink

Arctotis ‘On Fire’ [PBR ZA 20124938]: This gorgeous hybrid from New Plant’s breeding program is taking the world by storm. It is clump forming rather than creeping, with silvery foliage and large, double flowers carried in profusion.

Arctotis 'On Fire'

Crassula ovata ‘Pink Joy’: Succulent forming a large rounded shrub with a mass of star shaped flowers in winter. Very attractive plant for the rockery or as an accent plant for dry areas. Thrives on the occasional top dressing of organic compost.  Also excellent container subject.

Crassula ovata 'Pink Joy'

Erica mammosa *Pink:  A pink form of this outstandingly beautiful tall Erica. Compact growth, frost hardy with puffed, dense heads of tubular pink flowers produced intemittantly all year. Prune to keep neat and promote flowering

Erica mammosa *Pink

Tecoma capensis *Yellow: Lemon yellow flowers on tall, glossy leafed shrub.  Feed with slow release 3:1:5 or organic fertiliser in autumn and spring and water regularly for best results.

Tecoma capensis *Yellow

Tecoma capensis *Pink Blush: Beautiful soft pink flowers on tall, glossy leafed shrub.  Excellent as a hedge or interplanted with plumbago.  Can be pruned into any shape, best after flowering,

Tecoma capensis *Pink Blush