Knysna Rose Show

Posted by on March 26, 2018


Smelling the roses at the Knysna Mall


The Knysna Rose show is holding their 11th Rose Show on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April at Woodmill Lane Mall. We invite anyone who has a rose or roses to join in our show and bring the blooms to Woodmill Lane on Friday 13th from 7am to 9am where they can enter. There is no charge and they could, as has happened in the past, win the overall prize, with just one rose bloom. In any case come along and ‘ smell the roses’. Many of our members lost everything in the fire so entries will be far less than in previous years but we are trying to encourage gardeners to try their hand at growing a rose or roses particularly the new breeds which are disease resistant and require less water than in the past.   If anyone is interested in entering I will e mail the schedule onto them.   It is only available by e mail as the cost of printing schedules is exorbitant.

Many thanks for your support always,

Best wishes,

Carol Kennedy 

(acting chair Knysna Rose Society)

044 3841354



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