Rolled Asparagus sandwiches

Posted by on September 8, 2013

These roll-ups are simply divine.  They make  unique finger food, a side dish or  accompaniment for soup.sandwiches


1 tin Asparagus
I shredded lettuce
1/4 lb butter and equal quantity mayonnaise
Fresh loaf of bread (or two) sliced
If you use a tin of medium spears those will fill 2 loaves of bread (about 17 slices per loaf) with perhaps 2 pieces of asparagus per slice of bread depending on the thickness of the asp!
So that when you have rolled them up to put on the tray, you can alternate with white and brown bread – it looks nice.
Cut the crusts off the bread.
Mix the soft butter and mayonnaise together.
Liberally cover the bread with the mixture from edge to edge (because this is what makes them stay rolled up!)
Place the asparagus on the edge and roll it up.
Have a sandwich tray waiting covered in shredded lettuce.  Place each roll of bread with the join facing downwards on the tray and pack them together – 2 loaves make 3 levels!
Smother them with shredded lettuce again, then cling wrap and place in fridge overnight to get the butter to set and stick!!
When needed take the clingwrap off and with a bread knife slice them down the middle for a more delicate portion.
~ Joan Spencer

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