Urgent: Level 2 Water Restrictions for Knysna

Posted by on December 23, 2016

Knysna Municipality - Level 2 water restrictions Dec 2016URGENT: Due to the levels of our dams and rivers, the Knysna Municipality has been forced to implement LEVEL 2 WATER RESTRICTIONS with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

This means that potable municipal water is restricted to human consumption and businesses only. No watering of gardens, washing of boats etc.

Businesses are being instructed to implement water recycling systems for their businesses.

Artificial water features and fountains may only run with recycled water from this moment on.

All residents much retrofit their taps, showerheads and other plumbing equipment with water efficient devices.


With immediate effect an additional 50% of the approved water consumption tariff will be applied when residents’ consumption is more than 20kl/month.


  1. This is all very well and obviously the right thing to do . HOWEVER what is this DA lead Municipality doing about a problem that has existed for something like 10 years !!!
    EVERYBODY is aware that our resident population has doubled, and continues to rise !!!
    Not one initiative has been made by approaching Province to raise money to build a dam !!!
    There is a perfectly opportunity to dam the valley that is formed on the way to Gouna .
    Are we going to wait until a real crises is created before we act ?
    It is pitiful that the TOWN Fathers sit and do nothing , a case of technical inexperience and fruitless and wasteful expenditure fighting legal cases of senior people on paid leave for example !!
    The other component is that there are people who barely use 4KL of water per month let alone 20 kl who are not allowed the discretion to top up their pool, fish pond, etc with difference of water up to 20kl .
    There are anti social people in out mist watering their garden in the heat of the day with impunity , we know that humans are devious and look after their self interest ….and ,to hang with every body else !!
    If the Municipality is going to be effective lets start with mobile patrols with a water policing unit who have to power to take photographic evidence and issue fines . It is no use relying on the honesty of people !! without enforcement there will be very little response .
    A further point regarding Hotels , B&B,s and the like , surely those businesses that have a continuing guest turnover , should it not be that they should also come to the party and restrict water flow in their bedrooms and amenities ?????
    Pool owners are not permitted to top up their pools , however there is a point to consider , that when a pool’s water level drops below the Aimflows ( inlets ) and Weir ( outlet ) it ceases to work , and it can’t reticulate the remaining water !! . In the case of fibreglass structures the water level gives rigidity to the structure , and if not maintained it runs the risk of collapse in time …. There could be a legal action against the Municipality if this were to happen !? ….
    AND the influx of visitors , swallows, holiday house owners ? all contributing to the consumption of our small reserve of water … Makes you think doesn’t it !!
    Come on Madam Mayor , Municipal Manager , etc etc DA councillors … We pay you very well to serve our Town ! …… We are watching YOU !

    • I cannot agree more we the residents (rate payers) of Knysna always get hammered by the municipality when it comes to water usage yet it is the council who is to blame no long term plan! We pay some of these people over million rand annually to look after our interests. The desalination plant is a disaster which was supposedly part of plan B? All the mayor does is have her photo taken, they have a lot to answer for.

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