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Posted by on July 4, 2018

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Hey Livingseeds Veggie Gardeners

Winter has finally arrived! Today is the coldest day of the year so far, and it’s awesome. We have been waiting for some really cold weather to arrive.

Just remember, the cold  helps to kill pests, which on an organic farm like ours is vitally important.
Next, fruit trees, especially stone fruits, need a specific amount of chill hours to bear properly, this beautiful cold is just what they require. More importantly, the cold is critical for our garlic and root crops. The garlic needs a nice chill period to split and bulb properly in spring, and our carrots require a cold vernalisation period to get them to set flowers for next season.
Carrot flowers are only produced in the second season, and are mostly pollinated by flies.
So yes, it’s cold out, but enjoy it, we are already on the down-hill to spring. In just a few short weeks, we will be planting seedlings out into our gardens.


What’s happening on Livingseeds Farm

Not much actually, we are in that almost quiet limbo between our autumn harvests, and the early spring rush.
Most of what is happening now is planning and background work to make sure that spring runs smoothly.

As you guys are accustomed to, we have a few things up our sleeves, and we will let the cat out of the bag in the next few weeks.
Our new catalogue is almost complete and at 128 pages, it’s looking to be the best one ever! We almost have our entire seed range in the catalogue, and we have worked very hard to ensure that there is as much useful information in the catalogue as possible.
As always, your feedback on the catalogue would be greatly appreciated, if you think something is missing, please let us know and we will endeavour to add it in.

We have started our seedling production for spring, so in just a few short weeks, our new seedlings will be ready for sale. If you are looking at getting a jump on the spring season, you know where to get your spring seedlings.


Sprouting and Microgreens Special

So, winter is finally here, it’s really cold and everyone wants some fresh greens to go with their meals.

Did you know that Sprouts and Microgreens have vastly more available nutrients than mature plants. Sprouts have high levels of naturally available vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, as well as bio-available enzymes that help feed your body, stimulate your natural systems and protect you against free radical damage.
Tsai-Tsai radish, makes for a very colourful and tasty snack
in your salads, or as a garnish on your plates.

They are so simple to grow, and you can have tasty, nutritious sprouts available in a matter of days.

All of our sprouts and microgreen seeds are back in stock, so if you are looking to try something new over this cold season, now is your chance.

To help you guys out, our Sprouting Systems as well as all of our sprouting seeds are on special.this month. For those of you ordering larger amounts of seed, even our bulk Sprouts and Microgreens seed is on special.

Take advantage now, as we will not be repeating this special.
Daikon radish (left) and Wheatgrass (right) two of the easiest microgreens to grow.
The Livingseeds Sprouting System (VIDEO) is the best sprouting system on the market. We know, because we designed it. Designed to work with any 750ml jar, the lids just twist on and are BPA-Free, food-grade, dishwasher safe and will not split or crack.

Please be careful using any sprouting kits that have cracks in the plastic. These cracks provide homes for bacteria that can cause a variety of health issues. This is why it’s always best to run your sprouting lids through the dishwasher or very hot water every few weeks, just to make sure that you can sort out any goggas.


Spring Planning

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to be planting in the next few weeks.

Some pointers to bear in mind:

1) It takes 6 weeks to get a seedling ready for transplant. So if you are looking at transplanting in the middle of September you need to start sowing at the end of July. Just work back 6 weeks before your average last frost date to find out when you should start planting indoors.

2) Germination Mats are a massive help with warm season seed like TomatoesPeppersBrinjalsCucumbers and Pumpkins. A germination mat will make the seed think that spring has come a month early and you can get a proper jump on the season. Possibly even harvesting 4-6 weeks earlier from your garden. More difficult to start seeds will also greatly benefit from some bottom heat.

3) Use a high quality germination mix. A seedling mix is NOT a germination mix.

4) The Livingseeds Plugmaster is the best way to grow seedlings without transplant shock.
Watch the Livingseeds Plugmaster VIDEO

5) If you are planting out a lot of seed then get some plant markers to make sure that you know what is planted where.


Emergency order of Beneficial Insects

We have had a few customers that have asked us to please place an order for IPM’s as they are in desperate need of some biological pest control.

If you have a need for IPM beneficial insects,please can you place your order ASAP, as we will be shipping them in this weekend.


It’s now just a few quick weeks to spring and all of the excitement of planting will start all over again.Have you started planning yet?

Have a stunning week.
The Livingseeds Team.

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