August Meeting.

Posted by on June 19, 2018

The next meeting of Gardening @ Leisure will take place on:

  • Friday 3 August 2018

  • Time – 10.00am

  • Venue – Leisure Isle Bowling Club

Jayne Brink and Gina Potgieter will give a short talk about the symbolism of the sculpture, the construction of The Seed Pod and why Steenbok Nature Reserve was chosen.

Thereafter Roger Voysey(Curator of the Reserve) will give a short address about the rehabilitation of the area west of the tennis courts.

After tea you can then wander over to the rehabilitated area at your leisure, and on your way home stop and see where they are constructing The Seed Pod memorial in Steenbok Nature Reserve.

We need 6 Ladies to bring 1 plate of eats for this meeting. Please phone me and let me know if you are able to assist in this way 044 384 1896 or 082 574 6922

Visitors are most welcome at R20 per person. Don’t forget your mug for your tea.

Bring your money for our raffle. No need to bring chairs.


During the Knysna Fires of 2017, two local residents Jayne Brink and Gina Potgieter initiated The Seed Shop project through their local businesses, Two on Toast and Madam Botany.  Their specific intention was to bring some kind of normality back to the donation process by setting-up a space in which the best of the donated items  received were thoughtfully displayed allowing people to ‘shop’ for what they not only needed but liked and would possibly have chosen in a store before all the chaos turned their lives upside down. They hoped to give value back to the second hand clothing and homeware received by displaying it carefully in amongst new treasures. They invented a ‘seed’ currency and each item donated was assigned a number of seeds depending on its assessed retail value.  Each household registered received a seed voucher which could be used to buy anything needed or loved on the shelves of the shop.

With the residual funds from this venture they are able to build a Reflection Seed Pod in memoriam of the Knysna Fires.  They hope to give something back to all of Knysna by creating a sacred space for remembrance, reflection and gratitude.

The Seed project has seen fit to partner with Eden Community Initiative (NPO) to project manage the installation. They have contracted Kluyts & Co to construct and install the artwork.

Artist impression


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