Club Meeting: 5th October – Rebuilding a new home and garden after the fire.

Posted by on September 16, 2018

Five years ago I posted the article  on Stella Sohn’s lovely garden – not in our wildest dreams could we envisage  the Great Fire of 2017,  the destruction of the countryside, nor the decimated blackened suburbs, or the  many lives in turmoil. Stella and Richard had to cut their overseas holiday short to return to an  apocalyptic scene greeting them up the hill in Estuary Heights – everything was destroyed;  their once eclectic guesthouse was a blackened ruin, all the surrounding trees burned to cinders, and the once beautiful garden was no more. But more tragically,  lives were lost on their property when it was encircled by fire.

Stella is not a person to dwell on the past, instead she looks to the future –  she started rebuilding here garden  soon after the first signs of life appeared.  The guesthouse is still in the building phase, but the pool cottage has been renovated and a beautiful garden envelopes the charming pool.

Stella is going to talk about her new garden, and her vision for the rest of the property. Please bring a mug for tea, sunhat and folding chair.  Visitors are welcome : R20.00 per person.


TIME: 10.00 AM



Click on the green tab (under Upcoming Events) top right hand corner of this page, follow the prompts and  it will direct you to Narnia Guesthouse.

(Our signs will also be in place to guide you)


Remembering Stella’s once beautiful garden, posted on our website 14th October 2013  …….

Stella Sohn’s Garden



The sprawling garden complements the rustic guesthouse magnificently:  quirky African- inspired artwork is displayed discreetly amongst the vegetation, and weathered benches and seating entice visitors to sit and drink in the tranquil atmosphere and birdsong.


The garden at the pool area is rustic and natural.  Plants native to the area are allowed to pop up, whilst a few Pincushions were planted amongst the grasses and restios to provide colour in spring.


A  collection of Bonsai is displayed in a rustic arbour which nestles in colourful flowing beds, interlinking with one another. Nearby, in an area protected from the wind, is an informal rose bed. With the different ‘rooms’ in the garden this new rose area is not at odds with the informality of the rest of the garden. A fire pit with log seating and hints of Africa sits comfortably in the front section of the garden, overlooking the Outeniqua Mountains. One can only imagine sitting there on a windless, starry night listening to the calls of a Nightjar.


The fire of 7th June 2017……

There was once a rose garden ….

Remains of the pool garden

Rebirth and renewal …..

Where the bonsai boma was

New vistas from the cottage

The new pool garden

Quirky pot stands – remains of a tractor




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