Greenpop’s Garden Route Reforestation Site Application

Greenpop, a social enterprise and NGO operating out of Cape Town with a focus on tree planting, environmental education and active citizenship, runs an annual 3 week ‘Festival of Action’ that brings together like minded people from around the country and abroad to work together on regenerating damaged or denuded landscapes, amoung other environmental and social projects.

In 2019 the event will be taking place in the Garden Route municipality and will run from 22 June-14 July. The first two weeks are dedicated to High School students and the final week is for all ages.

For more information on the Festival of Action follow this link ->

Greenpop is looking for appropriate sites for reforestation planting in the Garden Route area (roughly from George to Plettenberg bay).

Sites need to have shown a commitment to the natural environment, appropriateness for forest species planting (ie no forests in fynbos areas) and an ability to protect and care for the trees into the future.

Sites should be able to accommodate a minimum of 500 trees at approximately 1 tree per m2 density. A maximum of 1500 trees will be planted at any one site.

If you’re interested in applying to be considered a potential Greenpop planting site, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Please note:
1. Priority given to most ecologically and socially relevant sites, sites that have alien invasive species control plans in place, sites that show promise in looking after the trees, sites that have partnerships with local conservation groups and sites which show public benefit
2. The planting of trees represents a significant investment on Greenpop’s behalf and therefore sites that showcase the best chance of success and commitment to ecological stewardship will be prioritised.
3. After completing this application form, we will contact you to arrange a site visit if your site shows promise or ask for more information if required
4. First deadline for applications is 15 February 2019
5. Sites not able to be accomodated this year may be considered for future planting initiatives
6. After planting, Greenpop will initiate a multi-year monitoring process to assess how the trees are doing and inform management practises

For more information contact Matthew at or

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