Honey Buzzard in a Sunninghill Garden

A few years ago I posted this article on the Honey Buzzard, in response to that posting I received this morning a notification from Debbie Meyering of  Sunninghill (Gauteng) that on Friday, the 22nd February,  she caught  sight of a big bird circling which she identified as a honey buzzard. Thank you Debbie for your contribution, the pictures are lovely!

Below the wonderful posting by Trevor Hardaker – well known photographer.

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Trevor Hardaker – wildlife enthusiast and photographer

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The honey buzzard's journey
The honey buzzard’s journey

Bird migration is a really fascinating subject and I am constantly amazed at the distances that some birds travel each year. With the improvements in modern technology, we can now also follow these birds more closely.

A female European Honey Buzzard was fitted with a satellite tracking system in Finland recently and was of particular interest to locals because it spent the most recent austral summer around the town of Reitz in the Free State in South Africa. She left Reitz to start heading north on 20 April 2015 and, yesterday morning, 2 June, she finally reached Finland where she will probably spend the boreal summer before probably returning again next season to visit us here in South Africa.

Here is an image showing the data received from the tracker which plots out the route that she took to head north… so, in just 42 days, she covered over 10 000 km at an average of more than 230 km every single day! Isn’t that just amazing…?!