Plant Blindness

Sustainable garden Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Most of us  have evolved into an urban species that got disconnected from our gardens and nature, a species that have become hooked on digital devices and having everything done for us,  a species  who are oblivious of nature’s beauty and the feeling of the well-being and satisfaction it brings.

A new theoretical term “plant blindness” speaks of  a disturbing symptom of mass urbanization and I quote its definition in full:

“Plant blindness: The inability to see or notice the plants in one’s own environment—leading to:

  • the inability to recognize the importance of plants in the biosphere, and in human affairs;
  • the inability to appreciate the aesthetic and unique biological features of the life forms belonging to the Plant Kingdom; and
  • the misguided, anthropocentric ranking of plants as inferior to animals, leading to the erroneous conclusion that they are unworthy of human consideration (Wandersee & Schussler, 1998a).”

Be mindful that only nature can create a true wilderness, let’s do what humans do best – copy. Look at nature – what you see is how it works in perfect harmony, creating a sustainable home for  insects, animals and plants.

Connect with your garden – switch off the automated sprinkler system, take some time to water your plants by hand.  This mindless occupation is therapeutic, yet at the same time you can take stock of those plants  that  are thriving and those which  are struggling.  Watch the butterflies and bees at work, busying themselves collection nectar and pollen. Observe the insectivorous birds waiting on the fence to catch a tasty morsel. Open your eyes to  nature, give a helping hand  and appreciate all it has to offer.

Plan a seasonal garden that is sustainable and attractive to wildlife. Get better information and  resources to learn best practices, and to be inspired with examples of what is possible.   Let’s make 2020 the year of connecting to nature,  we can do it with grit, grace, style, and beauty.