Christmas Lunch at Totties.

My apologies for the delayed posting of this wonderful event that we had in early December.  I had a very stupid accident injuring my index finger.  Seven stitches and one month later I have some function back!

The gallery below is a testament of a happy gathering, wonderful companionship and delectable food.

A big thank you to Dirk van der Zeyden for the lovely pics.

Willem Booysen and Lyndsay Durham
Willem Booysen and Barbara Martin
Willem van Zyl and Louisa Spies
Denise Voysey and Wendy Ferguson
Debbie, Rene and Pippa
Veronica, Pru, Wendy, Hilary, Rose
Pauline, Brenda and Pat
Willem, Marianne and Irine
Feasting at the harvest table
Esther, Liz, Rose