DP Ferreira – Floral Artist extraordinaire.

Reflections of  our meeting of the 2nd June, at Jenny Pott’s garden. By  Marilyn Woolfrey.

Beautiful views of the Knysna River ~ Photo by Dirk van der Zeyden

On a truly beautiful, sunny winter’s morning we set off for what promised, for me, to be one of the treats of the year.  It turned out to hit the jackpot!  Not only did we have one of Knysna’s most talented artists to demonstrate to us but we visited a farm with views to die for and a charming walled garden – out of place in some ways but gracing the southern entrance of the farmhouse.   A quiet and introspective space for a home that shows off such magnificent views in all directions.

The drive off the Rheenedal  road wound through the woods with a glimpse of a miniature landscape view of the Heads in the far distance.  Always an anchor for positioning yourself in Knysna’s 360 degree vista.   Sea, mountains, rivers – we have it all and as a relative newcomer of 2 years I am still frequently enchanted .

Jenny Pott on right ~ Photo by Dirk van der Zeyden

We were greeted at the farmstead gate by a number of very handsome horses behind the requisite post and rail fence.  Before us, looking like it had been there forever, was the most delightful home of Jenny Pott – this had to be the most inspired choice of venue for a floral artist.

Denise and DP Ferreira ~ Photo by Dirk van der Zeyden

DP Ferreira, set up on the veranda, framed beautifully by the wisteria, surprisingly still in full leaf.

DP’s first huge creation came almost entirely from his winter garden.  He used grasses and long forgotten flower seed heads and foliage with just a few small proteas strategically placed.  It made me realise I was probably far too tidy in my garden and next year I shall wait until the promise of spring before I hack back the beauty that waits patiently to be noticed!

DP casting a critical eye ~ Photo by Marilyn Woofrey

Next was the exact opposite of the winter wonder – this bowl was filled with blousy, exquisite blooms and a fanciful mix of colours, textures and eco systems!  At times my mind cried enough! but the end result was just stunning – traditional but not, clashing but not, somehow peaceful together.  Perhaps a relevant lesson for us all from nature in these turbulent times.

One of the wonderful arrangements

Finally, proteas at their best, simply – they need no accompaniment apart from the clever and thoughtful display.

The morning concluded with a sumptuous tea and eats (never fails to provide lubrication and fortification for the chatter that follows).  A huge thank you to both DP Ferreira for his inspiration and talent and Jenny Pott for the awesome setting.

A parting glimpse through the walled garden as we left.