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Good day everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in our meeting last Thursday. The Interim Committee met yesterday for the first time, and I must tell you that we are all very excited about what lies ahead of us in 2019! I will forward the minutes of yesterday’s meeting as soon as they are ready, but in the mean time, here are the highlights:
• We will hopefully receive a list of the Garden Route members from Head Office. While we wait, I feel there is no reason why we should not adopt a proactive approach! We wish to know where all our twigs, leaves, sprouts and seeds are! Please help us spread the word about the branch across the Garden Route and unite our members who would fall under the following twigs:
– Calitzdorp
– George/Wilderness
– Knysna
– Mossel Bay
– Nature’s Valley
– Oudtshoorn
– Plettenberg Bay
– Stillbaai
– Any other area that falls under the Garden Route
• Please forward names/contact details or ask your fellow members/interested non-members to contact me so that I may start compiling a (confidential) list of our own. If you personally would not fall under the George/Wilderness twig, please reply to this email letting me know which twig you fall under. Thank you so much for your assistance!
BotSoc AGM – scheduled for 12 February 2019 in Cape Town
• Finn Rautenbach, Manager of the Garden Route Botanical Garden, and I will attend the AGM on behalf of the Garden Route Branch.
• It therefore makes the most sense to hold our first official AGM afterwards, either at the beginning of February or the end of March.
• A date/time will be confirmed early in 2019 by means of official notice via email.
• Venue will be the Environmental Education Centre at the Garden Route Botanical Garden in George.
BotSoc Membership
• A major priority is to get all of the Interim Committee members signed up as official members! This is happening as we speak… and I would like to thank Dr Adre Boshoff for his offer to sponsor the first year’s membership fees of all the student members of the committee: Duncan Boltman, Ruan Siebert and myself. Thank you so much for your generosity. It is much appreciated!
• I will personally contact those of you who filled in a form last week soon to finalise your application.
• If anyone else wishes to join, or spread the word about joining, the membership form is attached below. Methods of payment (including EFT) via this link:
• Please send your filled-out forms along with proof of payment to this email address, or drop them at the Garden Route Botanical Gardens for my attention, and we will ensure they are processed asap!
Constitution & other admin matters
We await further instructions and information from Head Office, but it appears that all will be finalised by the time of our two AGMS. Please have a read through the draft constitution attached in the meantime (and yes, we know about the missing bit in point 18.7!). I will send through the updated/final versions as soon as we receive it.
Please find the following attachments:
• Branch constitution (draft)
• BotSoc Membership Application Form
• Minutes from our meeting last week Thursday
• ‘Letter to Members’ from BotSoc Council Interim Chair, Marinda Nel, for the September Veld & Flora (a must read!)
In conclusion, I leave you with this snippet from Marinda Nel’s letter mentioned above:
“The future of BotSoc lies in the hands of members and branches. We now urge members to support their local branches in all activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the Society and through their branches, demonstrate an innovative and forward-thinking vision to achieve the mission and objectives of the Society.”
I looking forward to exploring, studying and protecting our beautiful Garden Route with you all in 2019.

Wishing you all a happy festive season,

Jo-Anne King
+27 60 976 5283
Interim Chair & FUN(d)raiser
The Garden Route Branch | The Botanical Society of South Africa
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