Gardening at Leisure spreading Christmas Cheer.


The main street of Knysna has become a little more attractive, thanks to one of our members,  Stella Sohn.  She took the initiative to introduce flowerpots around town through her ‘In Bloom Pots Project’, but apart from this worthy initiative,  Stella has spread her community spirit to the homeless of Knysna.

For a number of years, Stella Sohn and Cheryl Liepner with the help of Stella’s son James, have been running a feeding scheme for the homeless people of Knysna in Market Street every Thursday at 13:00, behind the municipal buildings.

“When we started we were handing out food to about 20 people, which has now grown to 80. This costs about R500 per week. When we had more volunteers it was easier, but since they have left all the costs now fall on Cheryl and myself and it has become very difficult”.  In warmer months, the people who benefit from the feeding scheme are treated to sandwiches and fruit, with juice. In colder months, they cook up a huge pot of samp and veggies with a big piece of brown bread.

This year Gardening at Leisure made a handsome contribution to Stella’s  Christmas lunch which was served on Thursday the 19th  at Kathy Park.  She prepared a feast for the homeless of Knysna; there were strews, veggies, rice, chicken pasta and coleslaw, to be followed by pudding, custard, juice, biscuits and lollipops.  They fed 65 people thanks to the wonderful donations  made  by members of our club.

Stella hard at work