Living Seeds Christmas specials just for you ….

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Hey Livingseeds Gardeners.

Can you believe that it’s the end of the year already? In just a few short weeks we will be in the midst of Christmas Holidays.

There is a whole lot of stuff happening on the Livingseeds Farm, and a whole lot more that still needs to happen here before the holidays kick in.

Last year this time we had received 169 mm of rain, this year it’s totally different. We have only had 81.5mm. And we can see the huge difference the rain/lack thereof makes to the garden and fields.

I do see that the Cape is getting some nice rain which is a great blessing for everyone there.

The Livingseeds Show Garden is almost ready for the public. We are just ironing out a few small wrinkles and then we should be ready to open. We had hoped to open last month, however delayed rains and then excessive heat put paid to plans of gardeners and dreamers.

Stand by for an early January announcement.
So, onto our newsletter.
There is one main focus point to this newsletter.
Our Christmas Specials.Every year Livingseeds grows (pun not intended) and it’s only thanks to you, our loyal customers that ensure that we continue to expand every season. This is one small way that we can say Thank YOU!,We have had a good look at our product range and specifically identified products that you can use as a superb gifts for the gardener in your life. We have structured our Christmas promotions to be cost effective, useful and at the same time, great value for money.
Alternatively, if you know that gardening is their passion, but just don’t know precisely what to get, try one of our gift vouchers, and they can have loads of fun selecting exactly what they would like to plant in their gardens.

Just remember that these are deep discounts for you to take advantage of, either for yourself, or a loved one that you would like to bless over Christmas.
We really hope that you can take full advantage of these specials and enjoy them immensely, just as we enjoy giving them to you!

First, some housekeeping, specifically around the dates of the Christmas holidays.

Our office will remain open until 12:00 on Friday the 21st of Dec.
Our office will re-open in the New Year on Wednesday the 2nd of January.

If you are placing an order and you want guaranteed delivery before Christmas, please ensure that your payment reflects before the 14th of December.
We will ensure that all of these orders will be shipped on Friday the 14th and, guarantee delivery before the 25th for you.


We have very limited stocks of all of our Sweet Potato runners. If you want to grow your own, this is your last chance.


We are super excited to finally have this range available to all of our customers.
This is a range of skin care products that Jane has been working on for a long time. She has done an outstanding job!

If you are going outside and are looking for pure, natural and organic skin care products, reach for Jane’s Delicious Gardeners’ skin care products. When you come back inside, even if you don’t need to clean-up, but especially if you do! Jane’s Delicious is your go-to product.

We have included them in our Christmas Gift line-up below, or you can just click here and go straight to Jane’s yummy goodness.

Christmas is a festive season, a time to cut back, wind down and spend some time in the garden and with your family. It’s also time to share with those that you care about, and what better way to show this, than to give a real gift that will grow and keep on giving.

We have taken a lot of time and put together some really great gift ideas. We have also included some of your old favourites.

First-up: Seedlings

ALL Seedlings 25% OFF!! This is a huge discount on our seedlings, if you are behind the curve in your veggie garden, this is how you can get an instant 2 months growth in a single order.
Our seedling sales will stop in the next three weeks as our staff get ready to take some time off. This is perfect for you, especially if you are spending the holidays at home. This is the best time to have some fun in your garden and to get your summer veggie garden growing.
Gifting some of these seedlings to a gardening friend is also a really outstanding idea.

We have over 20 brand new seedling varieties along with all our old favorites.

Stocking Fillers (Under R50)

Seed packets make really great stocking fillers. There are a number of options for you to choose from.
Our standard seed packets are around R24 each, so they really make a great small gift idea.Even better is to use our Petite Packs which are around R12 each, so more seed varieties can be included in the gift at a lower cost.Seed packets can also be bundled together to make a larger “Starter Garden” pack. The options are limitless.

Gifts under R100

We have a great selection of cost effective small gifts for the gardeners in your life.

Our Seed Collections make outstanding gifts. We were blown away at the demand for these seed collections, and they represent really great value for you. We have again put them up for our Christmas special. Note that the seed collections are normally discounted, so this is in fact a double discount on these lines.
Our Seed Collections are an especially great idea if you know that special someone that focuses on a certain type of veggie, like Tomatoes or Chillies etc. Browse through our Seed Collection page for some outstanding ideas.

Cherry Tomato Assortment
The Sweet Pepper Series
Mild Chillie Pepper Range
Colourful Rainbow Bean Collection
Delicious Soup Mix
Giant Tomato Combo
Rainbow Tomato Collection
The Birds-Eye Compilation
The Medium Chilli Bundle
The Winter Garden Starter Combo

Also under a R100 are these really nifty starter packs.
These packs are a great way to introduce someone to the joys of gardening, with everything they need to easily get their first garden going. The Petite Jiffy is especially suited for the gardener with a small or pot garden.The Livingseeds Garden in a Jiffy @ R95
Contains: 12x 30mm7C Jiffy Plugs, Standard seed packs of the following LS Cherry Tomato Blend, Bolt Resistant Lettuce Blend, LS Chilli Pepper Blend, 12 x Small Plant Markers.
and the Livingseeds Petite Jiffy @ R 76
Contains: 12x 30mm7C Jiffy Plugs, 12 x Plant Markers, LS Cherry Tomato Blend, Luxury Loose Leaf Mix, LS Chilli pepper Blend, Beir Alpha cucumber.

Our R100 Livingseeds Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.
This allows them to choose what they want or need for their garden. These can also be ordered and processed right up until the 24th December, for those last minute gifts. Our Gift vouchers are discounted by 5% for the next 2 weeks.

Gifts Under R200

Say hello to Lisa in our order fulfillment department.

Our Peak Caps, make a great gift for yourself, or that friend that is an ardent Livingseeds supporter.
Let your friends know that you are a Livingseeds Gardener with our stylish peak caps while at the same time protecting yourself from the sun when you are out tending your garden.

Sprouters Delight is a gift pack of two Sprouting Lids and two of our most popular sprouting blends. This is one of the fastest ways to get people to experience the joys of eating sprouts. @ R160.00

Seed Collections Under R200

Salad Variety Pack
The Dry Bean Variety pack
Late Summer/Autumn Seed pack
The LS Top 10 Herb Collection
The Medium Chillie Bundle

Jane’s Delicious Garden products

Gardener’s Anti-Bug Body Spray
Gardener’s Green Goodness Balm
Gardener’s Hand Balm
Gardener’s Muscle Balm
Gardener’s Wrinkle and Crinkle Balm
Gardener’s Skin Soother
Gardener’s Sunscreen
Gardener’s Hand Scrub

Our R200 Livingseeds Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.
This allows them to choose what they want or need for their garden. These can also be ordered and processed right up until the 24th December, for those last minute gifts. Our Gift vouchers are discounted by 5% for the next 2 weeks.

Gifts Under R300

The Veggie Garden Starter Combo, @244.38 is our largest Seed Collection and has 10 packets of seed as well as 10 plant markers to keep your garden organised.

Livingseeds Joyful Jiffy Starter @ R 235.75
This is for the more experienced gardener looking to get a really great garden in order.
This pack contains the following: 24 x Jiffy Coir Pots, 1 x Livingseeds germination Mix, Kaleidoscope Swiss Chard Blend, Bolt Resistant Lettuce Blend, LS Cherry Tomato Blend, Double Yield Cucumber, California Wonder Sweet pepepr, Cocozelle Zucchini and 12 Plant markers

The Livingseeds Sprouting System. @R220.00
This makes for a simply outstanding Christmas gift! We have limited stocks of our Sprouting systems for the next two months. These are simply the best and most hygienic sprouting system available in South Africa. Our Sprouting Systems can turn seed into tasty nutritious sprouts in a matter of days. These are consistently a top seller and make really fantastic, thoughtful gifts.We have limited stocks for this December and only have about 50 units in stock. These WILL sell out fast!

Gifts Under R500

Gadgets?? Have you heard of the Livingseeds PlugMaster? These superb tools are 100% South African made, and are the perfect gift for the gardener that is looking for an Eco-friendly way of producing seedlings without the use of plastics or polystyrene. More importantly, the PlugMaster is the best way to prevent transplant shock in seedlings.

Just for this Christmas you will have 2 options on the PlugMaster.

1) All Livingseeds PlugMasters will come with a FREE bag of our special Germination Mix to get you off to a great start. This offer will extend to the 24th of December.
2) The Livingseeds PlugMaster Kit, has a Free bag of our superb Germination Mix and 6 packets of seed.
(Petite packs of the following: Christmas Lima, Jade Okra, Livingseeds Cherry tomato blend, Livingseeds Chilli Blend, Double Yield Cucumebr and Table King Squash)
Our R500 Livingseeds Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.
This allows them to choose what they want or need for their garden. These can also be ordered and processed right up until the 24th December, for those last minute gifts. Our Gift vouchers are discounted by 5% for the next 2 weeks.

There is no need to use any code, if it’s in your cart you will receive the discount.

Finally. December is Pest and Disease season.

Yes, and you thought summer was all relaxing and Mojito’s in the shade, but sorry to break it to you, the heat and rain is going to bring every pest out to feast on your garden.

This is when all of the gardeners start to experience the effects of what pests and diseases can do to your precious veggie garden.

Our parting gift for you this festive season is the following.

To help you out in your fight to keep your gardening efforts to yourself, we will be giving away a free copy of our Livingseeds Pests and Diseases booklet if you buy any ONE of these products.

Biogrow Organic Remedies.
Insect Science Traps.
BioBee Beneficial Insects.

The booklet will be mailed to you once we have processed your order.
*Please note that this excludes top-up lures

And that guys, is it for this newsletter.We, The Livingseeds Team, would like to thank you for your outstanding support over this past year.
Livingseeds cannot be the best seed company in South Africa without your support!
And we ARE South Africa’s best heirloom seed company, because of YOU!!Thank you!Have a blessed Christmas, if you are traveling, do it safely and we will see you in January.

The Livingseeds Team.