Our donation to Steenbok Nature Reserve


For the last fifteen years the club has made yearly donations to Steenbok Nature Reserve, varying in the amounts that we could afford. In the early days when out club had less than 30 members the amounts were small; however they did help with buying trees and shrubs for the Indigenous garden. We also ran a plant sale at the annual Leisure Isle Festival, with all the proceeds going to Steenbok.

Later donations  were used for benches, a sundial, plants, upgrading of the notice board at the entrance, the tool shed at Roger’s Way and the eradication of sword fern in Kingfisher Creek.  The latter was the catalyst that inspired Roger  to tackle the invading Madeira vine, more sword fern, lantana, cestrum, and vinca.  With the help of a garden service the invader plants were removed:  now follow-ups will have to be carried out for the next five or more years. Our small donation of R 5,000 is a drop in the ocean, because the cost of this eradication programme so far amounts to over R 100,000!

Roger and Kathy

At our April meeting  Kathy Michaelides, our Treasurer once again presented Roger with a donation of R5,000.  We leave it to Roger’s best judgement how the money will be spent. Would still like to see the main entrance garden extended ….