Our donation to Steenbok Nature Reserve.

Roger Voysey, Curator of S.N.R  & Kathy Michaelides our Treasurer

At our monthly meeting held on Friday last week Gardening at Leisure announced the donation of R5000 to Steenbok Nature Reserve. These funds will be used in the coming week to eradicate Sword fern (Nephrolepsis cordifolia) one of our worst invasive alien weeds. Property owners are required in terms of national regulations to remove this and other category 1 B listed alien species. Sword fern is currently growing under bushes and trees in the area off Links Drive past the tennis courts.

Gardening at Leisure has over the past 12 years consistently donated funds earmarked for particular projects such as park benches, opening up new areas, plants and the sundial and has taken a keen involvement in our development.