Colours schemes for your garden

Colours schemes for your garden

The way you use colour in your garden design can have an impact on how the space feels, you can create “moods”, as well as changing your perception of space.

‘Hot’ colours – bold reds, yellows, orange and bright pinks – grab your attention and make the flowers appear closer than they are:  it’s a trick that designers use to make a big garden feel more intimate. Hot colours work best in sunny gardens and on the whole, plants with bright red flowers, yellow or orange tend to be sun-lovers.

‘Cool’ colours from the blue, purple and pale pink spectrum are calming and restful. The way they blur into the background can be used to help a small space feel bigger.

Purple is the first colour to draw the eye, focusing attention on its deep, rich warmth. Mix and match it with as many yellows, oranges, pinks, or whites as you want, but you’ll still think that what you’re looking at is a “purple palette.”

What’s surprising about purple is how little it takes for it to be the dominant colour in a garden. It blends on both sides of the colour spectrum, mix it with yellow, and orange and you have a contemporary combination that is vibrant, mix it with limes and white and you have a sophisticated ‘grown-up’ palette.

Play around with different colour schemes for the summer garden, you will be surprised how your garden will take on a totally different personality.