Gaura lindheimeri ‘Rosy Jane’

Gaura’s are commonly known as the Butterfly Bush, Bee Blossom, Angel Wings, Butterflies in the Wind or Wand Flower.

Gaura ‘Belleza’ is a gardener’s dream as it is easy to grow, is fast growing, has attractive foliage and flowers and has a long lasting display of blooms.

It is a perennial plant with a bushy mound of attractive green leaves that take on a rosy tint in cooler weather. It is a compact grower that can reach a height of 60cm.

Gaura plants enjoy growing in the sun. They are excellent in containers or along the front to middle of a sunny border. They are tolerant of poor soils, but will give better results if planted in well drained compost enriched soil. Gaura needs regular water but once established it is water wise and hardy.

The Butterfly Bush produces wands of small silky blooms that appear for months on end. Gaura “Rosy Jane”  is a variegated colour breakthrough with white flowers featuring a pretty cherry-pink picotee edge.

Gauras are trouble free, low maintenance plants. A quick cut back of old flower stems when untidy will encourage new growth and flowers.