Indigenous hybrids

Our diverse indigenous plants have inspired many plant breeders both in South Africa and overseas. Every year, new hybrids appear on the market. Are these plants really better than the species types. Are they indigenous? Are species types better to use than hybrids or aren’t they? You’ll find that the choice between species and hybrids depends on your requirements.Arctotis makes for a fine example. The creeping species types come in a range of colours and have lovely, large flowers in spring time. They’re also as tough as nails and will cover ground quickly in harsh conditions.

The hybrid types on the other hand, are usually clump forming and not quite as drought tolerant. At the same time, they flower more prolifically and will produce flushes of flowers all year round. This makes them ideal for smaller gardens where every plant has to make an impact. Examples would be hybrids such as ‘On Fire’ ‘Radiance Red’ and ‘Sunset Radiance’.

This said, the hybrids do come in a magnificent range of colours, so they do make really pretty seasonal fillers to bring a lovely touch of colour to your Garden from July to December and if you’re lucky, they could last for more than one year.

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The New Plant Team