New plant release.

Coprosma ‘Pacific Sunset’
is a brilliantly coloured low growing evergreen shrub. The leaves are coral red in the centre with broad dark red-brown leaf edges, very shiny and with an unusual wavy habit. The growth is dense and compact, to around a metre and a half high and wide. It is great for low hedges and screens, and does beautifully in containers. Grow in a sunny position to light shade in a moist soil. Feed with a handful of slow release fertiliser in spring.

Suggested Uses – Spectacular in pots or garden.  Can be used as a low hedging plant

Growth Habit  – Mounded / Upright growth habit

Mature size  –  1m high and wide

Pruning / pinching  –  Light pruning as required to shape

Light  –  Full sun to partial shade

Soil  –  Well drained,  will also tolerate coastal conditions

Water – low to moderate water required

Fertilizer  –  Handful of slow release fertilizer before spring

Special Care  –  Not required

Botanical name  –  Coprosma repens