Water Restrictions still in place

Water restrictions are still in place but have obviously being ignored by residents this year. I see abusers on an almost daily basis. A big problem has been that the Knysna Municipality hasn’t been enforcing it. They are going to start doing that now as our rivers are low and we could be heading for problems.

water restrictions knysnaThe Knysna Municipality urges residents and businesses to consciously save water, especially now that we are heading for summer. The 2014 winter season has been a dry one resulting in slower river flow.

Chairperson for the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Louise Hart, said, “We are closely monitoring the water levels and even though there is no crisis yet, responsible use of water will prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Everyone needs to be aware of how vulnerable our water resources are, and how to use it sparingly. All towns within the Greater Knysna municipal area are heavily dependent on surface water schemes and all rivers are experiencing low flow. We all need to take proactive steps to maintain our water supplies.”

500lt-and-700lt-Collapsible-tanksIn November 2011 the municipality instituted water restrictions. Knysna’s municipal manager said the municipality will step up its enforcement measures and individuals found to be using water outside the parameters of the restrictions can face fines of up to R1000 per incident or even jail time of up to three months.

Residents are encouraged to use alternative water alternative resources such as boreholes, well points, grey water re-use and rain water tanks for washing of cars, watering of gardens and lawns and to reserve municipal water for household use. “Even if it rains is does not solve the issue overnight. Conserving this natural resource must become a way of life”, the municipal manager concluded.

  • Residents with odd street numbers may water gardens from 6pm to 7pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Residents with even street numbers may water gardens from 6pm to 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please report any abuse of water to 044 302 6331. For water saving tips visitwww.knysna.gov.za/be-water-wise.

This was a press release by the Knysna Municipality.

by Mike Hampton