White Correa (Correa alba)


Correa alba

Correa is relatively new on the market, it has undergone all the evaluations set out by the Dept of Environmental Affairs before marketing can be done, so we should be relaxed about this latest Aussie import…. ET


There are not many plants that can claim to be drought, salt spray tolerant and frost hardy! Add to this creamy white flowers and contrasting grey green leaves.

Could this be the perfect plant? Correa alba is a fast growing, evergreen shrub that has leathery grey-green leaves. It has a dense rounded habit and can get to 1.5m in height. It is however easily pruned and can make a good hedge or small shrub.Correa grows in the sun or partial shade. It is not fussy about the soil it is planted in but prefers well-drained soil that has been enriched with compost. It needs average water until established. Once established it is wonderfully water-wise.

Correa is drought and salt spray tolerant and is frost hardy. It is a low maintenance shrub that can be pruned to shape during the year. Cream coloured bell-shaped flowers can occur throughout the year with a main flowering period being autumn. Correa alba is such a tough and hardy shrub. It is easy to grow and is just the shrub to plant in that difficult spot in the garden!

Native to South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.