There are some fascinating 3 day and 5 day courses about plants and gardening taking place at the Swellendam Winter School this winter.The winter School is an initiative which brings experts together from various fields in the local area to share their knowledge and experience, Its a community driven project not big business. We would really appreciate it if you could spread this information around in your gardening networks. Thank you so much! Check out the website for more information. If you book and pay before May 31st you get a 10% discount Here is a brief summary:
During the months of June July and August there is going to be a unique event in Swellendam, a “School” where, among other varied courses, participants can learn some incredible facts about the world around us. Every one of these courses is being run by experts in their respective fields – and each one involves a hands on approach. Make your own aloe medicine, learn how to grow food and forage for it, take some stunning walks in the company of other people who care deeply about the relationship between human beings and the natural world
A deeper appreciation for aloes and the practical knowledge to grow them yourself with success. We will explore the history of aloes, understand the new classification system and recognise the main aloe groups in South Africa. We will dissect aloe stems, leaves, roots, and flowers, to understand the uniqueness of this group of succulents that can grow and survive in drought and in wet conditions. We will extract aloe sap and prepare some aloe medicine, aloin
June 18th-20th
Designed to provide the participants with skills to ensure that they can identify some of the essential natural processes and organisms around us as well as how to conserve and incorporate these into everyday life, Let us learn how to occupy and share our living space with what little is left of nature around us. There will be beautiful walks in local nature reserves, along the Breede River and along the Moorlands river. Learn sustainable wild food harvesting & foraging for sources of food.
June 4th-6th
July 2nd-4th
Two courses, beginners and intermediate, will enable the participants to become part of the wave of conservation-inclined public. The courses combine theoretical introduction and guided excursions.
Leave with passion and pride for our unique fynbos, as well as tools for online plant identification. Learn where to find like-minded fynbos friends and gurus to help you discover your own special species passion.
July 9th-11th (beginners) R1,650
July 22nd-26th (intermediate) R2,970
Become empowered by learning how to prepare and use the simple herbs from your garden and plants which you only ever looked at as weeds, as medicine and health giving agents in your everyday life. Everyone in this course will be so inspired by the gifts growing around you. The knowledge gained will send you on a lifelong path of learning about and using herbs in your everyday life for natural health and healing for themselves and your families and ultimately your community. Learn how to prepare various products using herbs, and take home what you make.
Aug 27th-29th
A well-designed productive vegetable garden brings peace, joy and your own nutrient dense food. Learn theory and practical techniques in the picturesque valley of the Leeurivier.
June 17th – 21st July 15th – 19th Aug 19th -23rd