Workshop on Invasive Plants

Workshop on invasive plants
Posted by KnysnaPlett Herald 8 March 2015
Landowners have a legal obligation to remove invasive alien plants from their properties. A workshop with the necessary information on legislation, advice and solutions will be held in Rheenendal on March 19.
KNYSNA NEWS – “It is often referred to as ‘the Jewel of the Garden Route’, but Knysna is clearly losing its glitter as a host of alien invasive plants take a strangling hold of the rolling hills and valleys in and around the town,” says Cobus Meiring of the Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI).
“The question begs though, why many residents are still ignoring all relevant legislation and allowing their land to be subjected to the scourge of invasive alien plants, whilst others go the extra mile in ensuring their land is returned to indigenous vegetation,” asks Meiring.
Why would Knysna landowners be interested in clearing their property of invasive alien plants?
The National Invasive Species List comprises 559 invasive species in four categories, and a great many are present on Knysna properties
Estate agents must appreciate that invasive species on private land are now regarded as a liability.
The National Environmental Management and Bio Diversity and Agriculture Regulations state that a seller of property must, prior to the relevant sale agreement, notify the purchaser of the property in writing, of the presence of listed invasive species on that property.
Estate agents are obliged, by law, not to sell a property without the owner of the property completing a ‘Declaration of Invasive Species’ certificate.
Horticultural and fauna experts can sign up to become invasive species consultants capable of identifying invasive species on a property and signing off on a ‘Declaration of Invasive Species’ certificate.
Permits are now required for 118 Category 2 invasive species.
All municipalities and large landowners must, by law, develop an Invasive Species Management Plan within three years of the NEMBA law’s promulgation (August 2014).


To find out more, join the SCLI or attend the workshop in Rheenendal on Thursday, March 19. For more information contact Luami Zondagh at
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