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As we head into the chilly and wet days (here in the Cape at least), we know winter is coming. Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter.

Events are getting fewer now as we have the winter days ahead, however there are plenty of Open Gardens planned for Spring! We have been busy loading them into the website – for more information please go to the EVENTS section. You can choose to see what’s going on in your specific area or everything country-wide.
Below are a few of the interesting events.

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Tour to Hogsback and Bedford flower festival.
TravelTime Tours will be holding another 6 day Tour to Hogsback but this year they are combining with the Bedford Garden Festival.Join TravelTime Tours and surround yourself with flowers and beauty. There will be many open gardens, plant nurseries, market hubs, live music, warm hospitality and divine food.

Vetplantvees 2018.
Calitzdorp Succulent Society is hosting their annual Vetplantvees(succulent festival) from the 22-24 of September 2018.
This is a remarkable festival where rare and beautiful succulents from South Africa along with succulents from all over the world will be showcased. Here you will be able to see rare and indigenous succulents as well as buy specimens and learn how to grow and take care of your own succulents.

3 day Botanical Art Course

Whether you are a beginner or an established botanical artist, attending the course will inform and inspire you.

Gillian Condy and Elsa Pooley combine their talents as botanical artists and author of wild flower and tree field guides to provide a memorablebotanical art course.

Liquidambar Styraciflua SALE!

Trees-SA are having an incredible Autumn sale.
Get 25% off on all 500L and 1000L Liquidambar styraciflua trees with their beautiful Autumn leaves.

Vacancies – Horticulturist wanted.
What an opportunity! The Vineyard Hotel is looking for a hands on, dedicated horticulturist.
Visit our page to view their requirements and contact details.
If you also have vacancies at your company please let us know.
If you are horticulturally qualified and are looking for a job, please add your details to our website. Follow this link here. It’s free!

Advertising special.
Does your company sell specialist plants? We’d love to hear from you.
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Happy horticulture!