A floral artist’s garden.

Contributor: Esther.

Bridget Tisdall
Bridget Tisdall

Bridget Tisdall’s north-facing garden in Forest Garden Estate, Hunters Home reflects her persona;  controlled, perfectly groomed, stylish and refined.  The garden is small, yet Bridget has managed to pack so much  into the space;   interesting hard landscaping,  colourful spring flowering bulbs and shrubs, and containers brimming with unusual succulents, all perfectly arranged to show off colour, texture and form.



A few years back the garden was changed from a more traditional English- type garden to a relaxed indigenous  one.  It is now a heaven for birds, butterflies and bees.

Serruria florida (Blushing Bride)
Serruria florida (Blushing Bride)

Recently a variety of Ericas & Serurias were introduced;  there were a few casualties but those that survived  are thriving. Her Leucodendrons and Leucospermums get a regular trim and they are flourishing for it. Spring sees an abundance of Ixias, Freesias and Watsonias, softening the bed into a billowing cloud of colour.


b2At the back of the garden down a narrow alleyway is her cut flower garden. The pockets in the Sholin wall have been utilised to create a living wall of unusual foliage plants that are regularly trimmed when material is needed for her floral arrangements. At the kitchen door is a tiny veggie patch with a variety of veggies and herbs  providing  Bridget’s kitchen with fresh produce.

This water wise garden is inspirational and it proves that colour and  interest can be achieved in a small area.