A Garden for all Seasons

lornaLorna Crouch’s garden is a graceful and tranquil pocket-size garden tucked away in  Leisure Isle.  Entering the garden one is immediately aware of the calming influence of the subtle colour scheme. Green and white dominate the soft hues of pinks, purples  and blues, creating a sense of order and tranquillity. It is evident that the placement of each plant, ornament or hard landscaping was done with a lot of thought, because the colour scheme and design ‘hang’ well together.



The original holiday cottage consisting of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and lounge, and garden of a lawn and a pomegranate tree, changed dramatically in 2000.  It was transformed into an elegant Provencal home, and the garden into a cool and serene space. The dominant colour scheme is green and white, with touches of blues from hanging baskets and pinks from the hibiscus trees, resulting in an illusion that the space is much bigger than it actually is. The lush green foliage anchors the garden, providing a perfect foil for arums, roses, primulas and violas.


The soft trickle of water from the pond in the front garden welcomes visitors along the pathway to the front door where a quirky plaque welcomes them.  Tubs filled with annuals have been placed in the flowerbed bordering the verandah, where annuals are replaced on a seasonal basis to provide interest throughout the year.



The back garden is dominated by an age old Phoenix caneriensis palm; again,  the garden is peaceful and reflects  the theme of the entrance garden. The back fountain was built when the kitchen area was extended.  The double doors off the dining area opens up to this area, and  in summer when these are open, you hear the tranquil trickle of the water in the living areas.


The lushness of the garden is the result of  a good compost feed three times a year,   regular feeding with Bounce Back and Vigarosa and ample irrigation. The composition of the garden is a tribute to Lorna’s eye for design and colour combinations and the immaculate maintenance is done by Dayton, Lorna’s amazing gardener.


Text and Photographs: Esther Townsend