Copse Cottage, Judy’s Garden.

Seven years ago Judy and her late husband Boy Krige designed and built their perfect house.  The garden  was designed around the wonderful copse of indigenous trees. After levelling,  to ensure a flat area for both house and garden, loads of topsoil and kraal manure were used to improve the subsoil they were left with. A delightful entrance archway covered with the rose, Blossom Magic and Ada’s Joy bougainvillea, entice one to open the  gate for a walk in ‘heaven’.



 Boy was a real handy man and ensured that Judy would have a surrounding picket fence, archways for her roses and specially curved metal  supports for roses or bougainvilleas. They incorporated much needed water tanks, a raised potager for herbs and vegetables and other time saving features into their design. Bidum was used between the trees in the copse, before adding the pebble pathways. Clivias, Plectranthus, Acanthus, ferns and other shade loving plants have found a home under the trees and a perfectly placed bench and bird bath complete this serene place.



Judy’s garden looks just like her! Elegant, full of bright colour with healthy looking plantings which are well positioned.  Roses, Campanula, Alstroemeria, Lineria, Flanders poppies, pansies and violas are cleverly woven into the border. These are interspersed with  topiaries of variegated privet, a magnificent honeysuckle, geraniums, purple Solanum and an evergreen Hamelia with it’s red, orange and yellow flowers, which Judy has observed, attracts our feathered friends. This colourful border forms a frame which highlights the wonderful view of the lagoon and the George mountain in the far distance.



Clever use of pots on the front patio lend year round interest with freesias and pansies in Spring, a vibrant pink Mandevilla  and a lacy edging of the dainty white Solanum jasminodes along the verandah ceiling. The lush lawns indicate that Judy, who is avid gardener feeds regularly.  Once a fortnight,  Multifeed Classic is used, while Bounceback, Seamungus, Sudden Impact, Bone meal, Kraal manure and her own homemade compost also are added every now and then.

Boy was always so proud of Judy’s creation and how right he was. It is a testimony to both their hard endeavour and  Judy’s creative talent.

Sadly Judy passed away in 2017.

Text: Carol Kennedy

Photos: Esther Townsend