The Meier Garden on Thesen Island

am11The Meier  garden is tiny, immaculate and a reflection of Ann’s personality –  vibrant and spontaneous. Colour is important to Ann, but she is not fussed about colour combinations.  What is important to her is to have colour throughout  the year. Plants in the garden have been chosen with care;  her spring bulbs provide colour and fragrance, although this year her prize freesias succumbed to the onslaught  of Egyptian geese. Somehow they have discovered that the  corms are tasty morsels,  much to Ann’s annoyance.


Ann and her prize Amaryllis
Ann and her prize Amaryllis

On the veranda she has the largest Amaryllis I’ve ever seen.  The velvety scarlet flowers are a sight to behold. These majestic flowers do best in a container where snails can be kept at bay.  In summer vygies, gazanias, agapanthus, daylilies and flowering shrubs fill the borders with colour, while in winter the aloes come into their own with their orange spires attracting sunbirds and white-eyes. The Hedgehog Aloe did particularly well this year, sending out lots of flowers with a promise that next year it will only be better!


Solanum rantonnetii and Bougainvillea in large containers ‘dress’ the outdoor living areas. The beautiful wooden carvings of fishes on the pool deck complete the nautical feel of this property.  There is also a grouping of Aloe and Bougainvillea on the pool deck.  The gazebo next to the mooring is beautifully dressed with flowering annuals, wooden barrels are filled with blue and white pansies and the hanging baskets provide colour against the backdrop of the water.



All these elements bring together the garden and house. The emphasis of this garden is on easy island living: the garden is there as a foil for the lovely outdoor spaces that Ann has created.  By keeping the garden simple and uncluttered the space seem much bigger than it really is.

Text and Photographs: Esther Townsend