The ‘Steenbok’ Ladies

Every Friday morning, come rain or fair weather, you will find two dedicated members of our Club doing their labours of love at the entrance to Steenbok Nature Reserve.  For a number of years Gillian Wolff and Lindsay Durham have been upgrading the entrance with the help of Brave and Johnny, the two full- time gardeners employed by the Reserve. They have transformed the somewhat overgrown entrance to the Park into a welcoming colourful experience for visitors. Thank you ladies for your dedication and your community spirit!

Gillain Wolff and Lyndsay Durham
Gillain Wolff and Lyndsay Durham

steenbok-entrance steenbok-entrance-1

The new plantings of clivia have rewarded them with beautiful blooms, the bulbines have also flowered exceptionally well this spring, and the new plantings of plectranthus promise colour in autumn.

Over the years the Park has developed into a favourite place  for  doggie walkers, small children on bicycles and the occasional runners.  This safe environment offers the visitor beautiful vistas of the lagoon, seasonal indigenous flowers in the indigenous garden, and the fascinating flora  of the salt marsh.