Stella’s garden lifting Covert blues


Stella Sohn

Stella very kindly opened her garden for our members this morning giving visitors a reprieve from mundane staying at home, or shopping. It is with regret that some could not attend due to be under ‘lockdown’ in certain retirement villages.

I think we all missed greeting our garden friends with a hug, however it was so nice to see so many of you again. When we will have a ‘normal’ meeting again was a question  asked by numerous members.  Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer yet,  but will keep  posted.

It is hard to imagine that this property was raised to the ground in 2017 when the fire swept through Knysna.  The only tree that survived was the Pinoak, everything else was destroyed; house, garden, and guest cottage.  Stella started rehabilitating and replanting the  garden long before the new house was completed.  It  has since grown and flourished in the last two years.  The abundant rain that we’ve had this season has helped a lot to keep the lawns green and the beds well watered. Her numerous roses are full in bud with a promise of a spectacular show later this month.  Star of the show is the Erica near the ‘wild’  pool garden. I have never seen such a happy Erica gracilis before as the ones growing naturally in the veld always look a bit sparse and woody.

This garden is a happy mix of exotics and indigenous plants. The  bearded Irises which act as fillers in some of the beds were inherited  from her mother, some other plants were gifted after the devastating fire of 2017, some plants  came back after being burned to the ground, and many more were propagated  by Stella or her gardener Timothy.

The Pool garden
Formal water feature in front of house

On behalf of all the members who attended this morning, I would like to thank Stella and Timothy for presenting a beautiful garden where love and care is evident around every corner.