Pictorial gallery of our last 2 meetings

Posted by on October 19, 2017

Our September meeting was hosted by Ruth Knowles, a ‘swallow’ who lives  6 months of the year in Knysna and the remaining months in the UK. The talk was on spices, their origin and uses.

Ruth Knowles



Thank you Carol for organising the wonderful garden ramble in October.  We visited Carol’s enchanting garden, then we were off to Jack Morley’s inspiration garden.  Jack is 97 years old this year, a bit frail but the twinkle is still in the eyes! Next was Sylvia Kluyte’s garden and lastly Joan Spencer’s Monet inspired garden.  Thank you  for sharing your beautiful gardens with us.  A real tonic after the ‘Great Knysna’ fire.

Carol’s Garden

Wendy, Noreen, Carol and Rose

Carol Kennedy in her beautiful garden

Blue and white colour combinations in Carol’s garden


Jack and Voni Morley’s Garden

Jack and Voni Morley


Sylvia Kluyte’s Garden

Sylvia Kluyte


Joan Spencer’s Garden

Joan Spencer with the magnificent Inca lilies she has grown in her garden

Pat Mainwaring taking a short rest

Joan’s beautiful colour combinations

Perfectly grown Cymbidium

Photographs: Dirk van der Zeyden & Esther Townsend



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