Report back: March Meeting

Posted by on March 10, 2017

Kathy Michaelides (treasurer) and Roger Voysey.
Photo: Esther

Gardening at Leisure is proud to by associated with Steenbok Nature Reserve.  Under the guidance of Roger Voysey, this reserve is thriving and enjoyed by the residents of Leisure Isle and surrounding suburbs, and visitors to Knysna.  Yearly we make a donation to Friends of Steenbok;  these funds are allocated for a more ‘visible’ donation, such as the sundial we donated last year, benches for seating in the past, and this year the funds will go towards establishing the new garden at the boat club entrance.  We thank Roger for his dedication, his expertise, and above all for his foresight to make this remarkable place of beauty and enjoyment possible.

Basics of Bonsai

Kathy and Basil Michaelides were our speakers at our meeting on the 5th March, they enthused members with their informative presentation. They emphasized that creating your first bonsai is not as hard as you may think. Don’t let the fact that ‘bon-sai’ is an art studied and refined for many centuries scare you off, because you are perfectly capable to learn how to grow Bonsai trees without green thumbs.

  • Selecting suitable stock to work with.
  • Selecting a suitable style for your tree and creating it.
  • Potting soils and wiring your tree.
  • Care and maintenance of your new bonsai.

If you follow these steps in progressive order you should end up with a passable tree that will only improve with age. Don’t be upset if it is not up to show standard on your first attempt, you will learn all the basic techniques in this exercise and the more you look at trees the more expert you will become.

There are many informative video clips on the internet, also you can get hands-on experience by joining the Bonsai Club.  For more information contact Kathy Michaelides: 044 3840221

Event Gallery

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