July in your garden by Life is a garden.

Feed the birds this winter
Baby it’s cold outside but you don’t have to stay indoors! There are many plants that thrive in the cooler months and can transform your garden into a winter wonderland.
July in the Garden

Fun in the Garden

Sea Urchin Air Plants

Air plants look striking all on their own without the need for soil or a container. A beautiful display for your home is air plants in seashells. An awesome project to do with the kids, and all those shells they collected during your recent holiday can be put to good use.

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July in the Garden

If you are looking to brighten up an area in your garden with an indigenous, hardy groundcover, Arctotis is a great choice. Arctotis is one of our “African daisies” and they typically have bold, beautiful foliage and large, intensely coloured flowers with bright, contrasting centres. It is a hardy, evergreen, fast-growing and drought-resistant groundcover. The attractive silver-grey leaves brighten up the garden and the flowers attract butterflies and bees.
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As July means that the days are starting to get a little longer, it is a good time to plan for the warmer months that lie ahead. This is the ideal time to sow vegetable seeds and plant flowers ahead of spring. Good vegetable options to plant now are lettuce, radish, turnips, cabbage, beetroot and broccoli.
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Are harvester Termites causing havoc on your lawn? Termites are some of the most destructive lawn pests that you may find in your garden. Not treating them properly can lead to a total loss of lawns and flowers. Termites can be a problem all year round and when noticed, it is best to act immediately.
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Feed the birds this winter. You can attract these feathery friends to your garden with brightly coloured flowers, bird baths and bird feeders. With a bird bath and feeding station placed in your garden, you will be sure to have a variety of birds visiting your garden this winter.
More gardening inspiration

Plant a Rose this Mandela Day

To celebrate Madiba’s birthday, why not plant the ‘Nelson Mandela’Floribunda rose?

It produces fiery orange blooms, grows into a tall, stately upright bush and is covered with shiny, dark green foliage.

What to plant this month!

Wondering what plant is best suited for your province this month?
Look no further! To view the recommended plants of the month throughout South Africa, click here.